Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mexican Word of the Day

Mexican Word of the Day: Ideal.

That beesh down the street came over and wanted some coke, but I told her, "Pendeja, ideal pot!"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mexican Word of the Day

Mexican word of the day:

Carbon Dioxide

I bought my vieja a jewelry box that was lined with velvet on the inside and La Virgen the Guadalupe carbon dioxide.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Love My Job

I really like my workplace because, as I mentioned when I worked at Charles Schwab, I'm an HR nightmare!

I love the fact that I can walk up to the 60+ lady at the front desk (who just went to Canada for her son's gay wedding) that she doesn't have any band-aids left because she used them all on her lavial rejuvenation.

I also like the fact at least once every day I say something to my boss, to which he responds, "I hate you."

Friday, August 8, 2008


Don't have hummus for lunch on any day you're taking psyllium husk.

Just an FYI.

All this for lunch.

(Unnamed friend will be referenced as "UF")

Me: You at work today?
UF: Yes
Me: Have you had lunch yet?
UF: No
Me: Can you have pizza?
UF: Been trying to stick to a diet but it depends on what kind of pizza I suppose...
Me: What do you want to have?
UF: I'm open. Tell me what your thinking and I'll tel you if I like it or not. LOl
Me: I don't like how that works
UF: Well I don't know what to say
Me: How about I go to Venezia's for pizza and if you want something else you can go somewhere else (suggesting I'm going to lunch by myself and screw you).
UF: Where is that? And what is around it?
Me: Southern and Mill, next to LA Fitness
UF: OH. There's nothing really over there. Have fun with the pizza! :-)
Me: Ok (exasperated he didn't get my screw you reference).
UF: Sorry buddy. I'm up for meeting up. But I can't think of any place for me to eat around there.
Me: Pita Jungle
UF: Yeah I could do that. I think they have pizza there too (side note: not the kind of pizza I want).
Me: OK what time.........

From 6:30-10:30 I will be busy

I am super-giddy about the olympics opening ceremonies tonight that I've already told a few people not to bother me or ask me to meet them out while it's on. I have been waiting to see the opening ceremonies since the closing ceremonies of the last olympics in Greece when the named where the next ones would be held.

I want to see the costumes, performances and stuff. I will have my eyes GLUED to the TV to see the acrobats and dancers. I'm even excited there may even be Chinese opera singers (which is totally odd).

I'm also really excited about the gymnastics and swimming events and I want to see if Dara Torres wins gold again in her 40's.

Wrestling...hehehe.....yeah, I'll be watching that too, and powerlifting....track and field.....I can't wait....