Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Long Time No Hear

I actually wrote this blog on Monday, but didn't post it until now.

Today, Buddy (the editor where I work) mentioned something about sending some magazines to Ted (our former editor, who now works for GLAAD). The last time Ted called, I told Buddy to ask Ted why is it the first time I hear anything from Ted in months is when he wants something. Ted, of course, was on the phone when I said this and I said it loud enough for Ted to hear me say it. Today, I mentioned Ted never emailed me the address to send the magazines. Ted said that Buddy told him I got all bitchy about it. I told Ted that he knows me and that it was only 25% bitchy and the rest was smart ass. I also told Ted that he would have to email me directly and not tell someone else to ask me to do it.

Here is a bit about the weekend.

Last Friday was my best friend Gary’s 30th birthday. Now, he can’t talk about how he’s younger than me, because now he is in his thirties, too. So I went and met him and Chris and another friend of theirs before the Margaret Cho show. I didn’t get to see her because I didn’t know if I’d have the money for the tickets at the time. I also had a friend who worked at Chase Field find out if he could get them for free. He forgot to do this. I missed Margaret and that sucks.
I and Joseph ended up going to get something to eat. He was happy because he found another job and starts on Tuesday. After we ate, we met Gary at Amsterdam. Chris was not with him. Apparently they had a disagreement and Chris took off walking. They had they had both been drinking and were not in their right minds (if they in fact have “right minds”). Later I get a call from Gary that Chris left him walking at 7th Ave & Southern. I was on the way from Amsterdam to Cellblock and had to turn around and go pick Gary up. By the time I got to where he was, he was about a half mile from someone’s house where he wanted me to take him. I thought I might kill him. I told I already drove all the way from downtown because he wanted a ride home and that’s where I was going to take him. Then he told me that he’s just going to turn and go back to where he was. I told him then he can get himself there, FROM HOME. At the intersection of 27th Ave & Baseline he told me he was going to get out of the car (I have a ’98 Mitsubishi Eclipse and he was in the back seat, this was impossible) and he motioned for the door. At this point I turn around in a very paternal voice I told him, “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR A DAMN WORD FROM YOU UNTIL WE GET BACK TO YOUR HOUSE.” I didn’t think that would work, but it worked. Unfortunately it made Joseph VERY uncomfortable. It made me feel a LOT better.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'll Miss You Grito

Monday, I had to be completely out of my house. I had to move all my things by myself because my parents were already done moving everything else. I really am ok over losing the house and I've really been able to keep my head on straight. I was until my told me my dad isn't going to want the dog at the new house they move to. Then my brother told me I couldn't keep the dog at his house (you're welcome for those months you lived at my house rent free and didn't work).
I ended up trying to find a home for my dog on the very last day I had to be in the house before it went up for auction. So we tried my aunt who said she wanted a dog before, but they said they couldn't take him. Then we tried a friend of my mom's who kept mentioning her brother in law who really wanted a dog, but when we asked them, he had to check with his wife and apparently, they didn't want him.
My brother's girlfriend ended finding out that her sister in law wanted a new dog because the one they had wanted to attack their baby. My dog wouldn't do that, so it sounded like a good fit.
I wasn't there when they came to get him at my brother's house and it's a good thing I wasn't because I probably would have broken down and started crying. Since then it's about the only thing that I've been upset about with the whole situtation. Last night, I finally had that breakdown. I tried to sleep, but woke up a couple of times. I'll miss my dog quite a bit, but I take comfort in the fact that he has a good home.
On the bright side, I'm really in a position of freedom where I have essentially nothing tying me down.


Friday, April 11, 2008

What a mess

Last night, my parents decided we'd move out of the house this weekend. I've been trying to find a place to stay in case I don't feel right infringing on my brother. Fortunately, I'm blessed with some great friends who have offered to let me stay with them in the meantime. Tonight, we're supposed to go look at some houses, my mother and my sister are going to get one (since my credit is now in the toilet). Anyway, I'm getting ready to go to work this morning and I get a call from my mom while she's at work. She told me that my dad just called her and said he's leaving her. I told her I would talk to her later because she was at work and I had to get going. I told my dad I would see him later on my way out and he didn't say anything.
On the way to work, I started thinking about how harsh that was. I mean, she had only been at work for a couple of hours and he did it over the phone. So my mother has to work through the rest of her day after getting a phone call from my dad that he's leaving her (it's my step-dad by the way). I'm guessing he'll go stay with one of my step-sisters or one of his sisters. I just can't believe he didn't wait for her to get home from work before telling her this. Maybe this was his way of telling her he'd be gone. After 18 years. I didn't see this coming at all.
Before this, I was considering this might be a great time for me to focus on getting out on my own again, and rebuilidng myself and some more independence. Maybe it will still work out that way. I don't want my mom to move out and be by herself. If she does get her own place, I'm the only one in our family that could go with her. Maybe things work out the way they're supposed to and I should just give it a rest.

Maybe it's time for me to find a second job, too.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Did you miss me?

Of course you did. I've been preoccupied with my foreclosure. I was working on going to Dublin to play rugby this summer but decided it's a frivolous expense. Maybe it'll still work out, but it's one less thing for me to worry about. I've been worried about where I'm going to get the money to pay for the flight and the stay and now that I've decided not to do it, I feel like I've lost twenty pounds (if only it REALLY worked that way). That's off my chest.....moving on....

I was feeling really tired this week and decided I need to get myself out of that mindspace. I didn't work out and I started eating sugary crap that isn't good for me. It wasn't a LOT of sugary stuff, but the fact that I did it at all was a problem in my mind. This morning I was even starting to wonder if I was depressed. Wouldn't you know it, on the way to work, I get a call from Michael Losier. Seriously, I'd mentioned him before, he's a law of attraction guru. Whenever I speak to him, it always get my mind right (in addition to my bible readings). Today he told me about something called Emotional Freedom Techinique. He asked me if I knew tanything about it and I mentioned that the only thing I knew about it was that a friend of mine looked rediculous when he does it (think polynesian witch doctor looking movements). Anyway, he talked me through it and my mental state moved from negative to neutral. Trust me, this is very positive because negative sucks! We're supposed to talk again in about 15 minutes.

What else is going on......uhhh....I didn't do shite last weekend because I kind of hurt my back, but I won't go into that or how it happened. Better you don't know.

My friend Joseph came over last night because he wanted to tan and he mentioned he has an interview with Terminex. He asked if I had a dress shirt he could borrow. I decided if he needed a dress shirt, he may need more. I asked what else he was wearing, by time he left, I decided he need to borrow a pair of pants and shoes as well. He's a really sweet guy, but I worried he wouldn't be taken seriously enough at his interview if he were dressed the way he was going to.

For now that's all. I hope to have something a little more fun to read in the future.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This Commercial is Just Wrong

I just saw this today on a mediapost email I'd received. It's a Burger King commercial for cheesy tots.

Like I said, it's just wrong.


I couldn't embed, here is the link:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This weekend and my sore butt

This weekend was quite a busy one. I did something on Friday night but at this time it escapes me. Hmmm......Anyway...Saturday was our second game against Yuma. Yuma is a team of straight guys, many of which are actively serving Marines (get you head out the gutter, if they were actively serving....never mind). They game was probably our best one against a straight team. I did have a problem though. My sprained wrist never completely healed and I decided I'd try to play. I managed to play five minutes. My wrist sprain took a hit when we were doing warm ups and I taped it so tight, I couldn't use it during the game. It was disappointing because I REALLY wanted to play this game. I guess I'll have to wait until we play Thunderbird again, which I'm not excited about because games against them always get ugly.
Anyway, off to the drink up. I had a lot of fund and Tony brought me some 3 Vodka. I didn't particularly care for it, but Shane (a half-Filipino, half-Irish friend of mine) said it was "Nice." Its vodka made from soy isolates. On a side note, Shane is from a part of the world that eats soy pretty often and he was in a college fraternity, so it's possible the combination of alcohol and soy may have been all he needed. Hehe....I know you'll get the joke, Shane.
I later went to hang out with Gary at the Spur Lounge in Laveen. I walked in in my rugby stuff and baseball cap on backwards, so the people he was with didn't recognize me right away. One of the owners came over and told me I had to turn my cap around. It ended up coming off and on for the whole night. I ended up doing a couple of songs on karaoke; Gary always wants me to do Scissor Sisters when I'm at Karaoke with him. What can I say, I have a tremendous falsetto. We ended up checking out the Silver Pony later on, but couldn't stay because I didn't bring my ID with me. Ooops.....

Sunday was Dancing with the Bars by Sway Events. It was a benefit for One Voice Community Center and it sold out. I was there representing Sports Out Loud and was given star treatment. I had a great time and the event was much better than what I expected (considering I didn't know WHAT to expect).
Of all the performers, JoJo from Amsterdam did the best job. She really kicked ass, so I HAD to vote for her. Congratulations JoJo. I also ran into Rocco. I've known him for a few years, he used to date a friend of mine; I still consider him a friend. He's always been very friendly and I do have to admit I enjoy his company.
I later ran into Andy (can't remember last name, but formerly of Matt and Andy). It was great to see him. He was in a VERY good mood and I had a great time hanging around with him and his friend (whose name escapes me, hmmm, this happens often).

I ended up finishing the night at Gary's house watching weeds.

So about this sore butt of mine. Tony and I changed our workouts again and it involved super setting. Reverse squats, sumo deadlifts, reverse decline squats, lunges, seated legs curls and leg extensions. I was walking like I had leg braces on by the time we were halfway through, but I did manage to hit that anabolic hot spot! I love that feeling. One thing that does happen which I don't like, is that I always get paranoid that I'm passing gas when I'm doing legs. I probably am. What can I do? I can act like someone else did it, that's what I can do.

Today, my butt is starting to feel sore and I have practice tonight. On the bright side, maybe I'll get all that lactic acid out.

PS-Please don't kill me coach Aime, I did legs last night and running is hard for bitches over 200 pounds.