Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Long Time No Hear

I actually wrote this blog on Monday, but didn't post it until now.

Today, Buddy (the editor where I work) mentioned something about sending some magazines to Ted (our former editor, who now works for GLAAD). The last time Ted called, I told Buddy to ask Ted why is it the first time I hear anything from Ted in months is when he wants something. Ted, of course, was on the phone when I said this and I said it loud enough for Ted to hear me say it. Today, I mentioned Ted never emailed me the address to send the magazines. Ted said that Buddy told him I got all bitchy about it. I told Ted that he knows me and that it was only 25% bitchy and the rest was smart ass. I also told Ted that he would have to email me directly and not tell someone else to ask me to do it.

Here is a bit about the weekend.

Last Friday was my best friend Gary’s 30th birthday. Now, he can’t talk about how he’s younger than me, because now he is in his thirties, too. So I went and met him and Chris and another friend of theirs before the Margaret Cho show. I didn’t get to see her because I didn’t know if I’d have the money for the tickets at the time. I also had a friend who worked at Chase Field find out if he could get them for free. He forgot to do this. I missed Margaret and that sucks.
I and Joseph ended up going to get something to eat. He was happy because he found another job and starts on Tuesday. After we ate, we met Gary at Amsterdam. Chris was not with him. Apparently they had a disagreement and Chris took off walking. They had they had both been drinking and were not in their right minds (if they in fact have “right minds”). Later I get a call from Gary that Chris left him walking at 7th Ave & Southern. I was on the way from Amsterdam to Cellblock and had to turn around and go pick Gary up. By the time I got to where he was, he was about a half mile from someone’s house where he wanted me to take him. I thought I might kill him. I told I already drove all the way from downtown because he wanted a ride home and that’s where I was going to take him. Then he told me that he’s just going to turn and go back to where he was. I told him then he can get himself there, FROM HOME. At the intersection of 27th Ave & Baseline he told me he was going to get out of the car (I have a ’98 Mitsubishi Eclipse and he was in the back seat, this was impossible) and he motioned for the door. At this point I turn around in a very paternal voice I told him, “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR A DAMN WORD FROM YOU UNTIL WE GET BACK TO YOUR HOUSE.” I didn’t think that would work, but it worked. Unfortunately it made Joseph VERY uncomfortable. It made me feel a LOT better.

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