Friday, April 11, 2008

What a mess

Last night, my parents decided we'd move out of the house this weekend. I've been trying to find a place to stay in case I don't feel right infringing on my brother. Fortunately, I'm blessed with some great friends who have offered to let me stay with them in the meantime. Tonight, we're supposed to go look at some houses, my mother and my sister are going to get one (since my credit is now in the toilet). Anyway, I'm getting ready to go to work this morning and I get a call from my mom while she's at work. She told me that my dad just called her and said he's leaving her. I told her I would talk to her later because she was at work and I had to get going. I told my dad I would see him later on my way out and he didn't say anything.
On the way to work, I started thinking about how harsh that was. I mean, she had only been at work for a couple of hours and he did it over the phone. So my mother has to work through the rest of her day after getting a phone call from my dad that he's leaving her (it's my step-dad by the way). I'm guessing he'll go stay with one of my step-sisters or one of his sisters. I just can't believe he didn't wait for her to get home from work before telling her this. Maybe this was his way of telling her he'd be gone. After 18 years. I didn't see this coming at all.
Before this, I was considering this might be a great time for me to focus on getting out on my own again, and rebuilidng myself and some more independence. Maybe it will still work out that way. I don't want my mom to move out and be by herself. If she does get her own place, I'm the only one in our family that could go with her. Maybe things work out the way they're supposed to and I should just give it a rest.

Maybe it's time for me to find a second job, too.

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