Friday, August 8, 2008

All this for lunch.

(Unnamed friend will be referenced as "UF")

Me: You at work today?
UF: Yes
Me: Have you had lunch yet?
UF: No
Me: Can you have pizza?
UF: Been trying to stick to a diet but it depends on what kind of pizza I suppose...
Me: What do you want to have?
UF: I'm open. Tell me what your thinking and I'll tel you if I like it or not. LOl
Me: I don't like how that works
UF: Well I don't know what to say
Me: How about I go to Venezia's for pizza and if you want something else you can go somewhere else (suggesting I'm going to lunch by myself and screw you).
UF: Where is that? And what is around it?
Me: Southern and Mill, next to LA Fitness
UF: OH. There's nothing really over there. Have fun with the pizza! :-)
Me: Ok (exasperated he didn't get my screw you reference).
UF: Sorry buddy. I'm up for meeting up. But I can't think of any place for me to eat around there.
Me: Pita Jungle
UF: Yeah I could do that. I think they have pizza there too (side note: not the kind of pizza I want).
Me: OK what time.........

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