Thursday, July 16, 2009


Things in my life have changed quite a bit this year. I guess I kind of knew it was coming, but didn't know exactly what it would be. Last Sunday, I found out that I'm going to have a part in my church's youth ministry. I've been wanting to do something for gay youth who need some guidance through their teenage years, it's a lot to figure out.
I went to my church's music group rehearsal last Tuesday and Pastor Charlotte starting teaching us two new songs. GOSPEL SONGS! Finally. I've been wanting to do that since.....well, for a long time.
I'm finding a lot of peace, as well as "comfort and joy." I feel as though my life is back on track. I'm not saying there isn't growth to be had, I'm just saying I'm finally on a bullet train to somewhere. It's good to know that I'm heading where I belong. Sometimes you just reach a level of joy that just makes you want to run out into the streets and tell everyone one about it. I guess now I understand why some people can't help but talk about Jesus. When you find that kind of joy and happiness, you just feel like you're just gonna BLOW UP if you don't share it. That's the great thing about being in a music group at my church. Not only do I get to share it, I get to sing about it!
I do want to make sure it's known that life isn't going to be perfect, going forward, but I am prepared for it. I know I don't get more than I can handle and everything will be for the good with it's over and done with.

Here's to life!

Here is the video I saw (Thanks Janelle Monae) that made me feel the need to post this blog:

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