Friday, July 16, 2010

Give poor kids crayons!

Today I found out that a friend knows someone who teaches in the Balsz School District in Phoenix. She says the kids at the school are very poor and they have trouble even putting food on the table. [Insert my bleeding heart liberal socialist stuff here]
Ok, I'm not asking you to do anything major (although it would be major to these kids), but Fry's has crayons on sale for $.50 (fifty cents) a pack with a limit of six. If you could buy up to six packs of crayons, I'll figure out a way for you to get them to me I will make sure they make it to these kids.

You can message me via facebook if you like to let me know you have some that need to get to me. Maybe I can work something out with one a business in Phoenix to drop them off or something.

See, that was easy!

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