Friday, May 30, 2008

I Only Waited a Week This Time

The week is finally over and I am so glad for it. We are surprisingly not going out of our minds with our upcoming swimsuit issue. Everything is lined up and in order, including the swimsuits and models. Everything is running so smoothly.

Last weekend my clutch went out, I think. I would step on the gas and the car was very slow to get moving. I'm thinking it's only going to cost like, $200 to fix. I was WRONG! Try $550! Oh well, life goes on, but I had to find a car I could drive in the meantime. Luckily my very good friend Tony offered to let me drive his car until I get mine fixed (he never god rid of his old car). It's pretty good on gas, so I have something to be greatful for.

More GOOD NEWS! My mom signed the title paperwork on her house today and she can probably get the keys to the house on Tuesday! I'm so glad because she's really been stressing out staying at my brother's house. I only lasted three days there before I finally went nuts (the kids are so loud). I now see how people can go crazy and kill an entire family. I feel a lot better because this was a huge stress on my mother, and the house is REALLY nice. Granite slab countertops, 8ft high doors, upgraded hardware, 42" cabinets. It's amazing! I will be so happy to be back with them again. To be completely honest, I really started to miss everyone.

I have my new haircut. After watching it grow out of control, my mom finally couldn't handle it any more and cut it (maybe she was just bored, a combination of both?). Anyway, I'll have a new picture up as soon as I can.

Have a great weekend and keep you outlook positive!

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