Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday, hey.....or something.

I made it through an other month and while I could say it was lackluster, I'd prefer to say it was a great month. I WAS a great month, I have a home and not only that, but I was able to help someone who was about to be in my postion. I am so grateful for the fact that someone helped me and I was able to help someone else. I am also grateful that I can type very fast, so that it doesn't take very long to write my blogs.
Last weekend, I was shopping with my mom to get stuff for the house and she decided she wanted a new bed set. She saw something that was a chocolate brown and light blue and decided that was what she should have. Well, what we saw ran about $200 bucks, so she decided to get curtains instead. It was a total score because we found some one clearance for about $20 a panel. She got those, but we got the wrong size, my dad measure our sliding door from the wrong place. Well, we went back the next day and had to go to a different store that had the length we needed. Once we found the curtains, my mother decided to see what bed sets they had on sale. We ended up find a bed set she wanted for $30. Serious. I even got one too, but not in the same color. I also decided to try Kinoki foot pads. Yeah, I know, I'll let you know if they work or not.

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