Friday, September 19, 2008

Practice Day #2

Last night was our second practice of the regular season. I made, I don't know how and I did. I even managed to get through the entire practice without barfing. The forwards coach, Aime, usually judges how tough practice is by how many times I throw up (kind of a joke, but kind of not).
I was really happy to see so many of the new guys from Tuesday's practice returned.
I have to say, I'm very impressed with Simon, the new forwards coach. He's able to point out little nuances about the game that we may not have figured out on our own. He also told me I was doing a good job. It's nice to be acknowledged.
One thing I will say about him is he has a VERY VERY thick Irish accent and at times, it's hard not to imagine Fat Bastard saying some of the things he says. Like when he told us to catch the ball with our hands, "not with your chest, or your belly, or your love handles." I know it doesn't convey very well in text form, but to hear him say it is pretty damn funny.

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