Thursday, December 18, 2008

Moving Out

Last Friday, after being very harshly told by my step-dad, "....but I don't care about you," I decided it's time for me to go. As you may know, I'd oned a home for nearly five years until it was foreclosed on last April. My parents lived there, as well. I've lived with them since they moved into their new house in June. Well, was have some drinking problems and finally got them in control. They resurfaced last week and I didn't get home (in what my mother thought was) in time to get her to work on time. My parents were upset, and I understand. Anyway, I had planned on moving out for a while (even while we were at the other house).
I told my mother about it yesterday and you'd have thought I told her they were selling one of her grandchildren. There was this long conversation about, "I'm worried you'll (insert irresponsible behavior here)..." That is part of the reason I need to go. I'm looking forward to living somewhere where if I leave a light on, someone doesn't come and ask me if I'm done with it. Honestly, I fell this is where I'm being led. I think this will give me a chace to be my on my own again (which I haven't been since 2001, if you consider being in a relationship on you own.
Also, I was planning on moving out when my friend Wayne gets his place, but getting my clutch, timing belt and water pump is going to cost more than I expected. The clutch I thought would cost about $250 total to replace.....try $835. I'm looking at $1,100 total. Looks like I'll be moving out at the end of January.
Also, I starting running again, a lot. As of Tuesday night, I'd run 14 miles this week (seven miles over two days). I was hoping to make it 21, but about 2/3 of a mile into mile six, I felt something cutting one of my toes and my ankle really started to bother me. I ended up walking the last 1 1/3 miles and added an eight mile. I tried to run again for the last 1 1/3 miles, but my ankle and toes were really bothering me, and with pain. I decided I would take today off and possibly Friday and start again on Saturday morning. I do feel a lot better about having done it, even if I really sore. Weighing what I do at my height makes that much running kind of difficult, but the point is to not weight that much any more.

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