Friday, January 29, 2010


I turn 32 in two day and I really don't expect anything. My mom usually makes some special dinner for her kids on their birthdays but I don't really want to put her through the trouble. All kinds of people end up coming to the house and my mom has to buy and cook the food (one or two of my sister usually help and a third usually helps clean up too) and I'm starting to think it is too much work for her. I already feel, since I live at home (again, still) that I'm already a burden on my parents.
People are welcome to visit, but they probably shouldn't expect to be fed. I would be nice to see some people, though, people who I haven't seen in a while.

On other topics, I decided I'm not going to move out in March, I'm going to use the money I would have used toward house arrest to pay off my fines and have those paid off by the end of the year. THEN, I will look at moving out, when I can get my driver's license again.

I also found my theme song for 32.

I also want to thank Mahalia for helping me get through the last couple of years.

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