Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh, Lord...

I know it's a been a while. Ooops.

On the bright side, I'm done with my house arrest from my DUI. Unfortunately, I'm not hearing from people as often as I used to. Well, not now that I can't drive to where they are. I guess it was a good way to find out who were good friends. Well, I guess I'm not complaining about ALL my friends that didn't see me, but there are people who I was sure would have at least paid me ONE visit in three and a half months. Some did make plans to come and hang out, but I just didn't get it staightened with them and that was my own fault and I don't lay any blame on them. On the other hand, I did find out that some of my friends could really be counted on and I am REALLY grateful for them. I'm also grateful to have found out that there are quite a few people at my church who could be counted on, as well. So to all my friends, thank you. Even if you didn't come and see me. I glad to have had you for a friend at all, even if you've never been to where I live and have no plans to ever do so. I'm sure you have your challenges. I mean, like having to drive the distance I had to drive to get your place or where you wanted to meet.
Ok, I've just delved into bitter territory, so I'm going to come back home.

Lets see, oh, I was just informed last Saturday that I will be preaching on Youth Sunday for the main service. Yes, the main Sunday Service. I'm not nervous....yet.

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