Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spread the Love!

Some of you may have begun to believe that my blog has become little more than an abandoned wasteland of former thoughts, ideas and strange happenings in my life. You’d be right if you did, but now that is going change. My blog is officially on life support and I have removed the DNR designation. Without going through the rigmarole of explaining how I got here, I’ll just come out and say that I really want to be part of Matrix Spread the Love for 2013. A little background on that: I first found out of Matrix Spread the Love when I was going through the process of getting accepted into Penrose (Kohler, at the time) Academy. I heard that out of six students nationwide, two of the students selected were from Penrose. Not only did this give me an idea of what a good decision (praise Jesus) I made an deciding this was the school I wanted to attend, I thought to myself, “I REALLY want to do this.” And why shouldn’t it be me, they have to select someone and I know that by the time the decision is made for who will represent Matrix for 2013, I will have had the education and proficiency they look for in students, in addition to my hard-earned maturity and desire to help others improve their quality of life. I was reminded of my desire to participate in Spread the Love when Natalie Fox (a Penrose Graduate) and Meredith Tye visited my school last Thursday. They answered my biggest concern (how do you support yourself during your time on Spread the Love?) as well as a few other questions I had that lead me to believe that it would be a perfect opportunity for me. I love social media and am ADDICTED to my iPhone. I also like blogging, so I’m pretty excited about having a very high goal for when I graduate from Penrose Academy. On a side note, I’m really hoping to inspire people with the title of my blog: Getting Better Every Day. I would also like to point out that I chose that name for my blog a few years ago. And last I’m going to leave you with something I posted on Facebook in the last week: Demand joy from yourself every day. To find out more about Matrix Spread The Love visit wwww.mymatrixfamily.com/love

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