Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One things ends, another begins

Today was a week of completion for me. Monday was my last day at Par Exsalonce CityScape Salon and Spa and today was my last day at Penrose Academy (formerly Kohler Academy). I can't explain what a great feeling it is to have completed something into which I put so much effort.
When I was younger I always wanted to be the best or at least close to the top, but somehow I could never quite cut it. I either lost interest or didn't have the passion to be the best. I do want to mention that I'm not saying I AM the best at this point, but I have no doubt the capacity to do so is within me. In the past I really wanted to find what I was passionate about and hoped every time that the new thing I was trying was going to be the thing where I would excel. Well, I did excel at a few things, but I would eventually hit a wall and my passion subsided.
There were other things where I think I was just trying to survive and decided I would try them and make myself be happy if I could make some good money. The problem with that was I would eventually feel I was spinning my wheels and become depressed. Each time I would hope that it would be my time. I hope no more. I now know that this is my time.
I'll get to my point. I really had trouble standing out in my class at Penrose Academy because there was so much talent in my class, technically and academically, so I participated in everything I could. This helped earn me a finalist spot for Matrix Spread the Love 2013. In addition, I managed to get an interview at two of the best salons in the United States. In August of this year I interviewed at Mane Attraction in Phoenix. Keep mind I don't graduate until Friday (or by the time you're reading this, tomorrow). I didn't get that position, but I will also mention I was the only person in that interview group who did not yet have a license.
And here is my big announcement, in early November I was hired at Aura Salon & Day Spa in Scottsdale. I set the bar high for myself and Aura exceeded my expectations. If you're wondering why I didn't make an announcement about this sooner, I'll let you know that it was because I was still working at another salon and since they were still paying me, I didn't want to distract from them.
So next week, I'll be in New York to find out if I'm a Matrix Spread the Love 2013 winner. If not, I still already won a spot at Aura Salon and Day Spa as an apprentice (and let me tell you, this is a BIG deal). No matter where I land on my feet, I'll know its where I belong.
Above all this, I am most proud when I hear my mother say how proud she is of me.

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Eric Carlyle said...

Alfonzo so proud of you. It is exciting to see you thrive in a profession that means so much to you. I am looking forward to being an Aura customer.