Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't Eat That

No, this has nothing to do with tossed salad, so need to gross out. Yet.
I went to boot camp today (for rugby) and got there late because of the transportation situation, but still managed to get a bit of exercise. It's amazing how much I miss those guys when I'm not around them all the time. I was doing so-so with my ankle issue, until we did a tackle drill and I took a shoulder to the side of my knee (that sh!t hurts). I managed to get up and do some more (except for the very last thing because I had to barf). I could have done better but....well, I guess there's no excuse, except for the part where I got really dizzy and had a pretty bad headache.
Anyway, I was at Target with my mom a little later and they had samples. You know, like at Costco. You know, you can always trust those Costco samples to be warm (or cold if they need be) and rather tasty. Target, not so much. There was one table where they have had this protein water, the next had fruit shit, and then there was the one that had Archer Farms. I'm guessing Archer Farms is a Target brand because I've never seen it anywhere else. Anyway, they had Archer Farms Macaroni and Cheese (I think some cheddar and something else variety) and Hummus Bread. I tried the mac and cheese and discovered why my little sister is obsessive about smelling her food before she eats it. Had I smelled it, I probably wouldn't have eaten it. Okay, I'm lying, I probably would have tried it anyway. Well, I took a bite of it and told my mother that it tastes like vomit smells. Then having remembered that I barfed earlier, I realized that it tastes like vomit tastes.

Be warned.

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