Thursday, January 22, 2009

This Damn Cold

So, earlier this week my allergies got REALLY bad and I thought I was able to fight it off. I kept my humidifier/air purified turned way up and slept with it in my room. I started to feel better. Then yesterday someone walks into the office and says, "You have a cold." I thought I didn't.
Damn her!
She was right.
It started getting really bad last night, like when it feels like someone is sitting on your chest. I didn't want to take mucinex because it breaks up the mucus in your chest so you can cough it up, but it also has a cough suppressant. In my opinion, it defeats itself. You want to be able to cough that crap up.
Anyway, my cough is really bad today and I've been taking an herbal expectorant, on which I can still cough. I started getting sinus headaches too. I'm going to have to miss rugby practice tonight because of it. Damn it.
On to other things. I was trying to arrange my Q & A for the March issue of the magazine and I'd contacted Logo about having RuPaul in the next issue. After making my way through the various channels, I was directed to someone at RuCo. (RuPaul's company). I email her that I did want to do the in Q & A by the end of the first week in February.
I come to work today and there is an email that she is available, in about an hour! I freak out. I wasn't prepared for it to be that soon. I respond telling her that time works for me and I get to work right away putting the questions together. A half hour later, I decide to call and ask if she is going to be available at that time. I find out that slot is taken, but she has an 11:20. Perfect!
It gave me quite a bit more time to work on the questions and make sure there was an office with a computer I could use, and a phone. Buddy was out, so I used his office.
Anyway, the interview went really well and I had a great time on the call.

I even found out what Ping Ting Ting means.

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