Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a great day!

Yesterday, I went to help Selma (an older lady with whom I work) with some stuff at her house. Since I was going to be doing some work for her, she wanted to take me to lunch at Blanco. Blanco is a Mexican restaurant at the Borgata in Scottsdale. It's a really cool place with a very relaxed ambiance. The food was really good. Serious. On top of the food being awesome I was kinda hot for our server (his name is James), he's my babydaddy. I love me a beefy man and he was that. Back to the food, we had the nachos for an appetizer and for the entree, I had the carne asada tacos and Selma had chicken enchiladas. The enchilada sauce was pretty similar to La Canasta. In other words, it was pretty damn good. The best part was the tres leches cake. It was the best tres leches I've EVER had. Dear Lord, it was good. Selma said it's best dessert she'd ever had that wasn't chocolate. James (our server) even let me try the mix the make for margaritas (which is made from fresh squeezed lime and orange...mmmmm). I'm still thinking about our server.
After I left Selma's, I met Ruben and Doug at Cherry. Ruben had been drinking and I went there to make sure he had a ride to wherever he needed to go, but someone picked him up. I hung out for a little bit and chatted with Doug. As I was leaving, two women asked me where there was a lesbian bar. I set them to Cash Inn Country. They invited me to come along and I did. There were REALLY cool and a lot of fun. One of the women was a lesbian and the other was like her niece and was straight. I country dance (somewhat effectively) and met a few new people. I ended up finding out the mother of the younger of the two women was dying from cancer and this was their night out as a way to take a break from everything. I also ran into a girl from the Hellraisers and she hung out with us as well.
Later Alma came to get me and we went to BS West. I don't remember of it.
She also made sure I didn't drive home that night, for which I am VERY grateful. I'm still thinking about James......

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