Saturday, February 28, 2009

Close, but no speed dating.

Tonight I went to a fundraiser sponsored by the Hellraisers. They had a speed dating event that raised money for Valley 1 in 10. I was excited to do speed dating, but as it approached, I lost my interest and become more concerned that people wouldn't be intersted in me. I got there and they told me that the event was already taking place (I didn't even think they were going to have me pay for participation, but I still did, it was a fundraiser). Anyway, as I was standing there having my drink (after being sent to the "VIP Area"), I felt comfortable standing behind the border set up to differentiate the two areas. I then realized that people were walking around with sheets of paper that indicated everyone's names of those with whom they'd had a mini-date. At this point, I was glad I got there too late to participate because I figured I would hate to be in a position where nobody indicated any interest in me. I hung out and had a couple of drinks (thank you Mike at BS West) and then talked to a few people and left with Cade, Joe and couple of other guys from my fraternity.
What is with me? I know I hide behind my financial state. Maybe I'm not hiding. Maybe I'm doing them a favor.

Either way, I'm disappointed in myself right about now.

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