Monday, February 16, 2009

The DRAMAAAA!!---Spoiler Alert!

Well, an other episode of Rupaul's Drag Race.

WOW! Shannel really threw down the damn gauntlet in the lip synch for your life portion. I guess you just have to say fate took over, because had that headdress not fallen off she may not have stolen the judges attention from Akashia. The judges just got so used to seeing her in the bottom three that their eyes automatically went to her in the Lipsynch for Your Life portion of the show. I have to hand it to Shannel, though. She proved that she is the epitome of Vegas performers. Something goes wrong, use it to your advantage. She damn well did that. Congratulations on earning at least an other week, you deserve it. It was just so perfect that she had the opportunity to do exactly what the judges said was wrong about her. The only downside is that she'll be the bitch now that Akashia is gone.
Rebecca also gave us a good showing, as did the extravagant Nina Flowers and Ongina.
I'm so proud of my Nina Flowers, she had a lot going against, but she did her best and impressed the judges. Work it NINA
The winner of this week's challenge was Bebe Zahara Benet. I have to agree with the judges she did an amazing job, but (and this is my opinion only) I don't know that I can say is a standout to me. Maybe there's just too much going on with this show.

PS-What you got in there Miss Jade?

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