Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Sad for Tammie Brown

I watched the second episode of RuPaul's drag race last night and am very sad that Tammie Brown was eliminated.

I think she really stood out among the other contestants (well, except for Nina Flowers). She really does something specific and I guess it just wasn't cut out for this show. Forturnately, she realized this when she was working with Akashia and decided she would get through this challenge and move on.

I am a little sad though. I thought it was really cool to see someone from the new generation of drag performers take on the old Hollywood glamour. Yeah, she was a bit scary looking, but have you seen Bette Davis in some of her movies? I really think she was spot-on with her execution of what she's doing right down to the hairline.

Hopefully Tammie can fill rolls as a child of Lipsinka or something. Either way, I'm glad I had the chance to see her. She did have something the other drag queens didn't. She saw the humor in what she was doing. She was a bit quirky, but that was what was cool about her personna.

If you read this Tammie, I really hope to see more of you in the future.

Best of luck.


Rob W. said...

I found your post when googling Tammie Brown. I agree completely. She creeped me the hell out, but I liked her for that. Great camp. A 'classy' non-slutty look. Oh well.

Luke said...

Tammie Brown is an entertainer that has left a taste in my mouth that can only be compared to eating too much sugar. It is that sticky, murky film that develops after indulging one too many times. However, my friend Crystal and I cannot seem to get enough and go back to second and third helpings when it comes to being entertained by one Miss Tammie Brown. She is at the core of our entertainment and has provided us with material to ponder and illuminate ourselves with. Our stomachs' hurt by the belly full of laughs that we share. All I can say is more, more, and more delicious Tammie Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joern said...

Hey Alfonzo,

i completely agree with what you said about Tammie. I was really, really sad to see that she got kicked out in the second episode.

The trailer for RuPauls Drag Race often showed Tammie Brown and her grimaces, her different look and the aura of Hollywood always made me wonder: "Who the hell is this? I can´t wait to see more..." So Tammie was one of the major reasons i watched the show.

Seeing her on the show was delightful, especially o the first episode. She really is cute in her "boy drag" and she has a sense of humor, that was completely different from the other girls. Sometimes, I had the feeling she was stoned, on other occasions she was quick-witted. No wonder, Akasha can't do anything with it.

As i couldn´t see much of Miss Tammie on the show, I googled a bit and discovered her songs, which are at least as good as her performance, if not better. I can´t get "Whatever" out of my head, even though I like "Shakabuku u" much more. That´s what i call avant-garde.

Thumbs up for Miss Tammie Brown and thanks for your post, Alonzo! I couldn't agree more.