Friday, February 20, 2009

Francois Sagat and Sophia Lamar

It may seem as though these two have nothing to do with each other, but they are actually very closely related and their connection isn't sexuality. They are very different, but have a lot in common.
We'll start with modeling. They are both models (yes, as in fashion) and do some wonderful things in front of the camera. Every so often I have to feed my fascination with their photoshoots. Sophia may sometimes sound like she's spewing vile hatefulness, but she's really making about point about people in society. I think her point is that people do dumb things because there are things about themselves that need work. Rather than work on those things, they choose to keep doing those dumb things. She is very entertaining to listen to and just a little bit scary. But I'd be very intrigued to hear what she has to say about whatever she wants to talk about.
Francois, I don't know much about. I don't watch porn or follow it, so my fascination isn't based in that. There's some fascination in the face that he has a tattoo of a the crescent and the star. I don't know if this is a reference to his faith, his beginnings or both. I'm not really into tattoos, but the face that he chose this as his tattoo. There is also something you can see in his eyes. Something that pulls you right in and makes you wonder what's going on behind them. I'm curious to know how he sees the world.
The main thing I think that really connects the two is art. They are two walking, breathing, living works of arts. I'm not talking about their bodies, or what they've done, but they themselves. Their person. I would love to have a conversation with either of them (actually, I've just decided it's one of the things I'd like to do in my life). There is something very graceful and stately about Francois, but there is also something about him that is very familiar. Sophia has this power about her that makes you want to get close, even though she may tear you limb from limb if you make the wrong move.
I love looking at the art they've been a part of and have tried to figure out what about it draws my eyes. It puts my mind into a different state, possibly even that of adoration.

Blogger's Note: After having read this, I noticed I'd entered "face" when I meant "fact." Freudian slip, perhaps?

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