Thursday, March 27, 2008

Damn It, Jay!

Earlier this week I decided I should stop working out with Tony because it's at midnight and screws up my sleep and makes me late for work all the time. I've yet to tell him this, though. Anyway, I've been getting to work late everyday and my boss hasn't really said much about it, but I know it bugs him like mad.
Last night I decide to skip my late night workout and go to bed super early, like 8pm. I fell asleep and that was great! Come 9:30PM a text message wakes me up:

FYI Dublin gay pride run June 13-22

From: Jay

Here is my thought when I wake up...GRRR.....

I tried to get back to sleep and couldn't. I decided I would take a Zyrtec because they always put me to sleep. I took one of those around 11PM. Still no sleep. Around midnight, I decide to make some chamomile tea. At this p0int, I found that "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" was on Turner Classic Movies so it wasn't a total disappointment. I Didn't realize Balenciaga had been around since the 50's (or before). By 1AM I decided to make some more chamomile tea. Still no sleep. Hey there's Marylin Monroe performing "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend." "Tiffany's, Cartier, Harry Winston......," that's been stuck in my head all morning. Actually made start thinking about that 2 carat, very high-quality diamond I've been wanting........a big, TACKY diamond.....back to my story. I finally fall asleep around 2am and when I wake up this morning I DID NOT WANT TO GET UP. I finally got my ass out of bed around 10 am and didn't make it to work by noon. By this time I'm thinking boss man is going to kill me......he didn' least not today.

I should have just gone to the gym.

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