Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mama Cass, Mama Cass


My title makes me think of Mama Cass son from "Beautiful Thing." The only exception is I'm wearing a my mother's bright yellow panty hose on my head in place of a blonde wig, just like Leah. "Don't ever let the light leeeeeave you."

Today I had an other coaching session with Micheal Losier. I think I'll refer to him as Mike, now. I was so nervous on that phone call. As I mentioned before, he has a show with Oprah, so that means he must be highly influential and wealthy. He told me to think of him as a friend. Considering what he is doing for me, he definitely is a friend. He would have to be to keep offering his very expensive services for free. Anyway, he helped me refocus my energy on things that I want by being greatful for the things that I already have and to remember that I am constantly receives "abundances" on a consistent basis. Well, by the time I got off the phone call I felt like my skin was going to explode right off my body, my enery was so focused. He even asked if I had a partner. I said no, he said say to yourself, I have the perfect partner. He then told me I have to believe what I am saying. I mentioned I think of myself at the perfect partner and he told me that was a whole different problem altogether. I decided to change my thoughts, and focus on attracting more personal wealth. I am very greatful to have received what I received today. Tomorrow I will have even more that I have today.

On to Jay's birthday dinner. That was FUN! Jay, Tony's partner (my workout partner and rugby teammate) turned 43 yesterday. Incidently, it was also Joan Crawford's 100th birthday. At point someone asked how old Mike was and I suggested counting the rings around his butthole. There were also a few sad queens sitting at the table behind us and they really had nothing of value to say about anything. We were all very happy when they left.
Oh, did I mention how Jay HATES having happy birthday sung to him. Well, they did it. And earlier when the server asked for his name, I told them it was Va-Jay-Jay. So when they sang to him they sung happyt birthday to Jay-Jay. He HATED, and that made the rest of us SO happy.

Once again, Happy Birthday, here's to becoming a crusty old queen!

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