Friday, March 28, 2008


The Chonga: 1. hair tied together like a ponytail, usually at the top of a hispanic (usually mexican) girl's head. 
2. A hispanic girl (usually hanging around Echo Park or some other location near dwelling places of many Hispanics, like Miami, or Phoenix, or the Bronx) who wear her hair in a chonga.

I was at our Storm Car Wash last Saturday when an old frat brother of mine, Andy, mentioned a video on youtube call Chongalicious.  It reminded me of grade and high school when all the girl had their bangs curled over their foreheads or split down the middle or completely pulled back with the rest of their hair, which was slicked back into a ponytail on top of or near the back of the top of their head.  My little sister was really the only one of my sisters who was guilty of this offense.  Then again, she used to wear sweats and t-shirts to school every day.  I guess she saw no reason to hide from guys what they were going to get in ten year's time.  It could have also been that she was prone to getting into fights (usually with more than one person at the same time).   

This one goes out to all my chongas locas cruisin' at the Car Show.

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