Friday, November 21, 2008

I am the Best Man

Last night was the rehearsal for at the church for my brother's wedding. That was loads of fun. On the other side, I had the chance to meet more of the bride's family. My younger sister didn't show up because she was getting her hair trimmed. I think my mom was trying to avoid it. One of my sisters has been married twice, but this is her son and I think she was stressing a little bit and I guess maybe she didn't know how to deal with it.
After the rehearsal, my brother and I went to dinner (just us two) and stuffed our faces, in lieu of going out and stuff (it just isn't his style). We had a good time and talked mostly about comedy and politics (because they are closely related). It as kind of cool because the two of us haven't really done much since he's been with this girlfriend, it's been impossible to get them apart for he last three years. We had man-time! He he.....
Anyway, he stayed over at our house and my mom starting bringing stuff out from her wedding to my stepdad (it'll be 21 years in December). One thing we really noticed was that only about a handful of people signed her guest book, which surpised me because there were a LOT of people at that wedding.
Today is the wedding and my brother will be a little less my brother (yes, even less so than when he started dating the bride). It's kind of strange because I'm the only single one left of all of my siblings. All of them have been with their current spouse/partner for at least a few years. I'm starting to feel like I would like someone to be with. I only worry that usually I start seeing someone and then I panic because I think I would rather be single. I'm making that the past. He does seem to be excited about gettig married, though.
About a year ago, I started to think it would be cool to be a best man in a wedding and here I am a year later. We already had the bachelor party and he had a great time. My little sister and her boyfriend even came along. Today, I give a toast, and I didn't write it down, but I have an outline of what I'll say. There will be a lot of partying it up tonight, because that's one thing us Mexicans to extremely well.
I hope to have some pictures up and I really hope the best for my brother and Edith.

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