Monday, November 10, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 8


I heard from people that by this point, they don't even think of food. Ever since I went to Jodie's wedding (which was freaking amazing,really, the most awesome wedding I've ever attended), I've been wanting to. Still I am excited that I've had the self-control not to eat since Sunday of last week. I can barely believe it myself, I even asked for prayer to get me through the next last three days of it. Wednesday will be my last day and I'm trying to decide if it's bittersweet or not. When I'm stuffing tacos into my face I'm sure that bitter part will be long gone.
Tomorrow I'm guessing will be the day when all the weird chain of caca comes out of me, that was the whole reason I was doing this. To get the stuff built up on my intestinal wall removed.
On the bright side, I've lost 13 pounds and my joints feel much better. I breathe much easier and I smell EVERYTHING!
I have been told that when you have craving for something while you're on the cleanse, it means your body is cleaning out the toxins was left behing by those things giving you the cravings. I guess my body is cleaning out food from my system.
Anyway, two days left!

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