Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Hope, I Hope, I Hope

This weekend is going to be NUTS-ASS KRAZY. Like that guy from South Side Posse who would stand outside of the school fence while I was at band practice and yell at us to shut the fuck up. I hope that provided you with the type crazy I'm aiming to convey.
So Friday, I hope to get some new lugs for my cleats because I hand't tightened them in three practices and they wore in such a way that when I tightened them, every footstep was just painful enough to make me want to wear my backs' cleats.

Aluminum lugs + Phoenix dirt = ow, ow, ow and bruises on the bottom of my feet. Yes, think about it.

That's really all I have planned. I wanted to take my neice to the artwalk, but since I have to leave early Saturday morning for Flagstaff, I'll probably sleep instead.
Saturday is the 10's Tournament in Flagstaff. We'll probably play three games, but since 10's games are only 20 minutes with a one minute break in between, it's still less than a full 15's match. Well, I'll be riding with Tony and Jay (and probably Brian) up and back that day. Sunday, church, then the Rainbows Festival for work and then choir practice Sunday night.
The only thing that kind of concerns me about Saturday is a tear in my hamstring. It feels like it's healed, but I'm still a little worried that it's been a little tight and may re-tear.
Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how we do.

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