Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last Saturday's Game

Last Saturday was our game against Thunderbird. The ball is just behind one of my feet. The next one is me making my first tackle in the game, I'm in white. The first one is us winning a scrum. This last picture is from a ruck, that's me on the ground trying to keep the ball on our side.
What really sucked was that they had this Samoan family on their team that isn't part of their team. They actually play for a team in Gilbert, which is a few divisions above us.
Maybe next time they'll bring their own players.

Later at the drink up, I decided I'd have my first drink in about a week and a half. Normally, I drink light beer, if I can be convinced to drink it. I saw someone brought Stella and decided to have a drink. It ended up making me feel really gross. I told Tony I was feeling like I was going to have to throw up. He said I should just get it over with. I did, except it couldn't just be a little bit of vomit. It was like, projectile. Three times. (I'd once heard that sometimes when vomiting, people can release on the back end, too and crap their pants, this made me a little weary.).
I did feel better after that.
Later a few of us were sitting around talking and this guy who has had some drama with me decided it was a good time to tell everyone I'd slept with his boyfriend (incidently, the guy that was his boyfriend told me they weren't together when I did, when I did find out they were together I stopped talking to him). I responded by telling him that he knows what he got with his boyfriend and that if he hasn't figured it out by now it's his own problem.

Later we went to Mary Coyle's for ice cream. Ruben told me that I didn't hear what he told the guy. He said that he was pissed of that the guy said that in front of everyone trying to make me look bad. Anyway, I'd gotten up to use the restroom and Ruben told him, and I quote as closely as I can, "Uh, *said person* slept with half the team," and he went on to mention that he needs to get off my back. He also told me that it got very uncomfortable within the group after that.

I'd already considered Ruben to be a good friend, but this really solidifies it.

I did tell Ruben however, that I knew they all knew the story and that I really didn't care what the guy said or thought about me. If he wants to be stupid and stay with someone who is probably screwing around on him as we speak, it's his own stupid fault.

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